Current Favorites

Since I was young, I’ve always loved names. In 4th and 5th grade, I used to sit and make up lists of names, discovering the phonetics I liked. In my high school french class, we were all required to choose a french name for ourselves to go by in class – I rejoiced at the opportunity to research french names. I picked a beautiful name for myself – Aurelie – and then once my teacher said it out loud, I realized I couldn’t pronounce it.

Nowadays, I still have the same interest and love for names. Whenever a friend or family member is expecting, I am eager to hear their names and offer enthusiasm. Because I care deeply for the history and meanings of names, I thought I’d keep up a list of my favorite names here. These are the names I want to keep track of ‘for future reference’ when we start a family of our own.

Of course, no one has ‘dibs’ on a name or ‘owns’ a name, so feel free to find inspiration from my own list of favorites. Sharing names hurts no one. 🙂

Code: fn = family name | hf = husband’s favorite | mf = my favorite


  • Albert
  • Alexander
  • Anton/Anthony
  • Bernard (fn)
  • Desmond (hf)
  • Dominic
  • Elliott (fn)
  • Friedrich/Friedrik (hf, mf)
  • Marco
  • Michael (fn)
  • Nicholas/Nico
  • Valentine
  • Vincent (fn, mf)


  • Aleksandra
  • Eleanor
  • Elia
  • Faye (hf)
  • Frances/Francesca (fn, mf)
  • Katerina (our first choice)
  • Michaela/Michelina (fn)
  • Valerie
  • Veronika/Vera (fn)
  • Vittoria